Monday, October 2, 2017

The Eagles Have Landed

We had the honour of being invited
 the Grand Opening 
Prairie Winds: The Sculptor and The Poet

This was a joint effort
Ken Frederickson and  Ovide Mercredi.

We got to know Ken and Heather when we went to Quebec together in 2015.

I often tease him that I get the honour of 'knowing him when....'

Ken's sculptures were paired with poems written by Ovide.

This is Ken's first Gallery Show held at the Shurniak Art Gallery

Ovide Mercredi , Bill Shurniak, and Ken Frederickson
This Gallery is an amazing venue tucked in the heart of Assiniboia, Sk

Bill Shurniak has collected works of art from all over the world
 created a fabulous home for his collection.

He purchased Ken's  'Fly Fishing' 

They will be on permanent display at their new home!!

Ken has had a whirlwind experience in his short time of sculpting.

All the stars alined in only a couple of years 
 was touching to see, how much this day meant to Ken and his family!!

These are some of Ken's other sculptures on display till November 25,2017

'Fancy Dancer '

'Lone Wolf'

'Buffalo Chaser'


'Bear Soul'

'Cat Tales'


If the Gallery is ever looking for a fund raiser.....

What I wouldn't do........

 For a private tour with Bill Shurniak 
 he talks about where, when and how he acquired his fabulous collection.

He is rich with knowledge!!

I wanted to take pictures to show you all of his works 
you are just going to have to make the trek yourself!!

It was a great day for a drive. 

The fall colors were fabulous.

There were so many old homesteads tucked in the rolling hills.

If those houses could talk....

Such history!!

Our area has demolished most old farmsites....such a shame.

Just before heading home.....

Vern and Karen asked to sit at our table.

There were 120 people in attendance and what luck to have these two bless our table!

In about 3 sentences, we were talking about Bali!!

These adventurers had cycled Indonesia for a month 
were a wealth of knowledge!

Thank you, Vern and Karen!!

NOW I am excited....29 days to go!!

I ordered the book on the way home!!

Thanks for making a great day even better...




Sunday, October 1, 2017

Reaping in the Bounty

It was a fabulous fall day yesterday

Perfect temperature to harvest the garden 

Despite the drought, 
We watered enough to get more than we needed out of the garden 

A bucket of squash and pumpkins...

A truck box of potatoes, carrots, and beets...

Chantel and the grandsons came to help

Jaxon went to the field with grandpa 

Brayden helped us in the garden 

Brayden loved this little furry friend...


On the quilting side of life....

A friend was working on Antelope Canyon so I thought I would give it a try..

 I gathered scraps out of my stash...
(notice the cat proof ice tea...)

 Add a sewing machine that does 5000 stitches/minute....

One free afternoon....

This quilt was created!! 

 There are two settings and I liked the half moon version....

I also was quite impressed with the three commision quilts I finshed up 

These are clothing from their loved one.

I was a little scared of the stretch
took the most firm blouses to start with...


I had never tried a Shadowbox Quilt...

All packed off to the longarmer!!

Two more quilts to work on!! 

Happy harvest!!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Blogger Festival Takes Flight

This is my second entry for Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival 2017

This is Tula Pink's Butterfly

Terry Whitman did an insanely incredible job quilting this for me.
I was not sure batiks were going to work with this pattern

I think it worked out pretty well in the end

Thinking outside the box!!

Blogger's Quilt Festival


If you want to see some amazing quilts,
head over to Amy's Creative Side
Amy is hosting a Quilt Festival this week
Click on each picture to read about each quilt!
This is my first entry 

I had the pleasure of meeting the designer, Jacqueline DeJong

This pattern is called Infinity

I used Kate Spain's Latitude 


My girlfriend, Terry Whitman is the most amazing long armer

She really brought it to life!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire

Who knew?!?!?!

If you take 3 Canadian 100$ bills.....
to the bank
exchange them for Rupiah(Indonesian money)...
You are an instant Millionaire!!
3.18M to be exact
I have to say that was fun to count out at the bank!!
Why...You ask...would I need Rupiah??
Well....for Bali, of course!!

One year ago,
 our guild started talking about a Craft Tour to Bali....
OK...not 'our' guild...
I did.
A friend had gone a few years back and raved about it.
(Thanks, Betty...we can thank/blame you!!)

Before you know it, there were a couple of girls committed to go.

Next thing we knew.....

24 girlfriends were signed up and even our travel agent, Jodi is coming with us

(This may be her last trip to Bali with a group like us....)

40 days to go.....

How fast has that come around!!
I started looking on the map as to where exactly is Bali....

It's not that only 36 hours of travelling time.

Am I scared of the flight time?
I can not lie...YUP!
But I am in it for the long run.

If you have any good travel tips, please let me know!!

I can't afford a first class seat....drugs are cheaper!!

We are having a contest for the best sleep mask among our group.

Mine will say 'Wake me when we get there'

I found these little pencil misters ....

At 35C and 100% humidity,
 I think this will be a coveted 1st prize!!

Blue beaches.....

Batik making classes.....

Temples and Monkey forests...

Rice fields...
A trip of a lifetime....

I better start my packing list...

1. sleep aids