Sunday, December 10, 2017

Luckiest Girls in the World

The four of us...

Tannis, Mom, Larissa and I that is....

To think these two lovely people....

Gerry and Heather Cyr

Started our family nearly 50 years ago....

Where has the time gone??

We are so lucky to live in Canada.




We have an amazing family.

We always have fun...

This was Larissa teasing Tannis...

Look, Tannis...I am having a party with OUR parents!!

We all have a great time together....

No matter where we are or who is with us....

So you can imagine how scared we were
 Dad found out he had an aortic aneurysm

We were not ready to say goodbye to the first man in our lives

We braced ourselves for this ride...

When Mom and I first saw Dad out of surgery....

I held his freezing hand...

Dad's thumb shook when ever I talked to him...

I knew he was listening...

It was a couple of rough days as his heart stopped after surgery
CPR was performed. 

Dad's body took a beating!!

But slowly as the days progressed he started to get more life into him

We knew he was going to be good when we gave him a regular tooth brush
he said NO..... his electric one...It does a better job!!

We are so lucky to have more time with Dad

He is up and running!! 

No holding him back now!!

Very blessed,


Monday, December 4, 2017

Back to Business

I must say...I miss the heat.....
It took a few weeks to get back into the swing of things 
We have been going full force for the last couple of weeks now.

Preg checking cows and selling calves.

Winterizing watering bowls and getting calving barns ready for snow.

 Pretty brown out there and with no rain the pasture is toast.

 We usually don’t start feeding till January


We are all ready feeding hay.

I have been wearing all my winter gear as I am frozen! 

The colors of Fall have been beautiful!!

 I have been trying to get a bit of sewing started.

Kind of got out of the routine....

Made a little bear for my commision quilts girl.

Her mom loved used one of her pink shirts...

 Parts have become a bear...

My Antelope Canyon quilt needed to be bound...
Crazy how 4 large log cabin blocks....

 Make one big quilt....

We made two of these for donation quilts at guild.

I had sewn one wrong but caught the mistake.

This was my quilt


it was already quilted when saw the SAME mistake in the middle!!!

YEEESH.....Too late now! 

 I felt like this needed a punch of color 


I used Susies Magic Binding technique to add some red

 Another Christmas gift ready to go!

The first snow fell this week so I am not feeling as guilty about sewing. 

Especially today...the wind made it feel like -30C

I am going to freeze this winter!!




Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Homeward Bound

This is the haul I brought home from Bali 

I felt like that guy on the scooter....

 We were a day ahead of our families at home 
we had a running joke that we will be home yesterday!

We went from Denpasar, Bali to Taipei, Taiwan

 When you see the maps of each leg like this,

 it really hits home how far it is!! 

Thanks to our travel agent, 

we had passes for the VIP lounge in Taipei.

That was such a treat to sit in comfy chairs 
Have snacks and drinks(like two bottles of Baileys)
 going on the longest part of this journey!!

Taipei  to Vancouver...

 With a tailwind, it was shortened to 10.5 hours
(It was 13.5 going to Bali)

I was glad that I had packed some of my own snacks...

Some of the food on the plane was questionable for a foreigner like me.

I was missing the simple things in life....

 I paid to use many bathrooms in Bali.

I used bathrooms in every language,

(Used the man’s bathroom before realizing it was!)

I was thinking I have never paid for a bathroom in Canada
We actually have...

the guilt makes us by a coke and kitkat if we didn’t buy gas!

So technically  I have!! 

 I love to travel but I always love coming home.

When we landed in Vancouver,

 I almost forgot where we were when I looked at this picture! 

 Thanks again to Jodi, our travel agent 
 she booked us in the Fairmont at the airport.

It was like sleeping on a cloud!!

This glamping playground made me think of my girlfriend, Lori

 How cute is that??

 It was two more planes from Vancouver to Calgary to Regina.

 How I enjoyed the familiar cookies on the plane!! 

 Love the quilted prairies!! 

 The first thing to hit the wash was my new found stash of batiks

Even Lucy was interested in what I had purchased....

She never goes in the dryer!

 I was pretty happy with my new fabrics



 The dog sleds were so cute ...I couldn't resist!

We had sled dog teams in Ontario when I was a kid


 Who knew I would find some buffalo in Bali!?!?


 With all that fabric out of my suitcase

Folded and stacked.... 

 It was time to tackle my other treasures...

I thought this would make a great sewing basket... 

 Some yummy Chocolate to stuff some stockings..

 Their bags were made of compostable and biodegradable materials


 I seem to be getting a bike collection started...

I could not resist this little one...

 Pretty cool how the hub is a little bobbin

Some scarves for for some special people ... 

 Cute little zippered bags....

Bags are unpacked
 life is back to normal.

Got my nights back to days.

Now to spend some time in my sewing room!!

I am so glad that Volcano waited for us to get home.

I hope that Sudiana, Diasa and Rudi stay safe
as well
as all of Bali!!

I wonder if that earthquake I felt
wasn't the volcano starting it's eruption??